How to appeal the thawing of Amazon funds? How to quickly restore Amazon funds freeze?

How to appeal the thawing of Amazon funds? Each account is frozen for different reasons, so it must be dealt with according to the actual situation. But if you want to restore your account, some methods are still feasible, and it depends on the reason your account was frozen.

How to appeal the thawing of Amazon funds?  How to quickly restore Amazon funds freeze?

Reasons for Amazon funds freezing:

1. Sell prohibited products

Amazon outlines all prohibited products in the guidelines, but it is difficult to find an exact list of prohibited products. Some of the products prohibited by Amazon include: carry-on drugs, illegal products, certain brands of health and beauty products, toys of certain brands, and so on. If Amazon learns that you sell prohibited products, your account will be frozen.

2. Sell counterfeit products

The sale of counterfeit products is a big problem on Amazon. This problem usually occurs in movies, DVDs, electronic products, beauty products and many other categories of products. Even if the product is shipped directly from the manufacturer, as long as someone reports that you sell counterfeit goods, your account will be frozen.

Special reminder: Counterfeit products are not the same as "inauthentic items". Counterfeit products refer to fake or counterfeit products, and inauthentic products are theoretically "real products", but because consumers buy the product from sources other than the original manufacturer, it is inauthentic in Amazon's eyes.

3. Negative feedback

Consumers’ negative feedback is a nightmare for every seller. Customer metrics are largely determined by buyer’s feedback. If there are one or two negative feedbacks, you’d better provide a refund as soon as possible, otherwise your account may be frozen. risk.

4. Duplicate account

For whatever reason, if you want to open another seller account, you may have to think twice. Amazon uses an intricate and very specific algorithm to catch sellers who do not follow the policy. You can have two seller accounts, but by doing so, one of the accounts is likely to be frozen.

5. Open an account after the account is frozen

After the account is frozen, dealing with various issues may be boring, but do not reopen a new account after the account is frozen, Amazon will know, and the account opened later will also be frozen.

Amazon funds unfreeze appeal: US court litigation

If the shop is brought to court by the brand, the account and funds will be frozen. American brands will find local well-known law firms to bring Chinese sellers to court in batches.

Many Chinese sellers feel powerless in court proceedings and can only continue to submit petition letters to Amazon. In court cases, Amazon will almost never unblock accounts. It is also difficult for sellers to contact the brand and the lawyer of the other party to get a reply. In the end, they can only watch the frozen funds be drawn away.

Tips for writing appeal letters

If your account is blocked for other reasons, you must communicate with Amazon. Here are some suggestions:

1. Mention the consumer

Amazon takes consumers very seriously, so make sure you include consumers in your action plan or appeal letter.

2. The format of the article is concise and clear

Amazon officials receive a large number of appeal letters every day, so make sure that the content of the article is clear at a glance, such as using spaces and other formats.

You can also refer to the following points:

• What is this letter of complaint about

• Why does it happen

•Precautions you take

• Why should Amazon unblock your account

3. Sufficient preparation

Amazon often asks sellers to provide a more powerful action plan, so you'd better make sure to spend more time to get it done.

The above is the introduction of the relevant aspects of Amazon's funds thawing.


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