Full of potential! Romania's online retail is expected to grow by 15%


Electronic business platform VTex (Romania) in the report estimated that the volume of trade generated by e-commerce will continue to grow, is expected to this year's annual growth rate of at least 15% for the domestic brands to provide a strong development environment.


The rapid development of digitalization in Romania has directly affected the operation of traditional retail industry, which has made the traditional retail industry increasingly turn to online channels. Cristi Movila, the head of VTEX Eastern Europe, said in an interview with the Romanian "Truth" that at present, there are about 100 online stores in the Romanian local market of VTEX, and more than 1,000 orders are received every day, but in the next 3 years , The number of these online stores will triple.


It is expected that the investment in digitalization, technology and services of established companies in the e-commerce sector will accelerate. Movila said that VTEX is committed to building an integrated online shopping site for consumers. The brand will focus on the omni-channel development strategy, through the reform of the business model, in the form of online sales, to provide a platform for retail brands affected by the epidemic to provide support and assistance.


In 2020, only 45% of Romanian Internet users between the ages of 16 and 74 shop online. Although there is a certain gap compared with the EU average (72%), this figure is only 23% in 2019. Back in 2015, only less than 20% of Romanian Internet users made online purchases.


During the epidemic, Romania's online retail sales achieved a major leap. The utilization rate of e-commerce in Romania has almost doubled in 2020, and the penetration rate of online shopping has increased. Although this base number is not large, it is enough to show that Romanian e-commerce platforms have shown great potential in the entire European e-commerce market.


According to data from Romania insider.com, the online shopping preferences of Romanian residents are concentrated in product categories such as fashion accessories, electronic products, books, home furnishings, and beauty and personal care products. high.


As the so-called "a new village in the dark," after the epidemic, Romanian e-commerce is about to take advantage of the trend. The popularization of the new model will bring new changes to the Romanian traditional retail industry, which contains new opportunities.


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