3 consecutive defeats to wake up the Lakers! The deal locks in the block king 26+16+5 caps to rule the Nets' basic salary can be done_Whiteside

Original title: 3 consecutive defeats to wake up the Lakers! Deal lock-in block king 26+16+5 caps can be dealt with the net basic salary

Yesterday afternoon, Beijing time, the famous reporter Shams reported that the Los Angeles Lakers will lay off Cook. After that, Cousins' name was pushed into the hot search.

There was news before that the Rockets planned to part ways with Cousins, and the Lakers intend to re-sign Cousins. Coincidentally, later yesterday, it was reported from shams that the Houston Rockets had officially waived Cousins.

All signs indicate that Cousins ​​is getting closer and closer to the Lakers. However, the "Los Angeles Times" quickly followed up the report, saying that although there are two vacancies in the Lakers lineup after the layoff of Cook, they will basically not be left to Cousins.

The media did not describe the specific reason, but threw another bomb-the Lakers' potential target is Whiteside!

I have to say that this goal is much more reliable than Cousins, Griffin, and Zhuangshen. As a result, Cousins' athletic ability has been severely damaged. If the Lakers sign him, Cousins' defense will be infinitely targeted. Secondly, if Griffin and Zhuangshen do not complete the buyout, the Lakers will not be able to get through the transaction.

But Whiteside is different. Last season, Whiteside played 67 times on behalf of the Trail Blazers and averaged 15.5 points and 13.5 rebounds per game. At the same time, he averaged 2.9 blocks per game and was elected the NBA blocked shots.

At the end of the season, Whiteside's maximum salary contract expired. Perhaps he did not expect that his appeal in the market was so insufficient. In the end, Whiteside and the Kings signed a one-year veteran basic salary.

In the Kings, Whiteside became a substitute, he averaged 14.6 minutes, 8.3 points, 5.7 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game. Although Dabaibian is considered a data brush, sometimes, his defense is quite effective.

In addition to defense, Whiteside can also fully demonstrate his offensive ability in a limited time. Against the Nets, Whiteside scored 26 points and 16 rebounds under Jordan's defense , in addition to 5 offenses .

In the overtime game against the Wizards, Vogel sent a panting little Gasol. After the game, he explained that he didn't send Harrell because of his height restriction and he needed to use his height to defend Robin Lopez.

It now appears that if the Lakers can get Whiteside through a trade, with Anthony Davis absent, White Edge is already a relatively good ideal trade object for the Lakers.Return to Sohu to see more


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