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The Rockets have lost 8 consecutive losses and set 3 shame records! 4.2 billion bosses have lost all property in 4 years: Harden is really wise to leave

Original title: Rockets have lost 8 consecutive losses and set 3 shame records!  4.2 billion bosses have lost all property in 4 years: Harden is really wise to leave Beijing time on February 23, the Rockets lost 100 to 120 at home to the Bulls and suffered an 8-game losing streak. The team's record of 11 wins and 18 losses ranked second in the West.  Tucker returned in this battle, but the Rockets are still in a sluggish state.  The Rockets' two major players Wall and Gordon are in poor condition.  The Rockets encountered three major shame records in this battle.  The Rockets also reached the Western Conference Finals three years ago, but today the Rockets have been deceived by everyone and reduced to a big team.  The operation of the boss Fertitta in recent years is puzzling. The last time the Rockets suffered 8 or more losses in a row was in 2001, when the team lost 15 games in a row from November 24 to December 21.  The Rockets were beaten by the Bulls 46-26 in the third qua

3 consecutive defeats to wake up the Lakers! The deal locks in the block king 26+16+5 caps to rule the Nets' basic salary can be done_Whiteside

Original title: 3 consecutive defeats to wake up the Lakers!  Deal lock-in block king 26+16+5 caps can be dealt with the net basic salary Yesterday afternoon, Beijing time, the famous reporter Shams reported that the Los Angeles Lakers will lay off Cook.  After that, Cousins' name was pushed into the hot search. There was news before that the Rockets planned to part ways with Cousins, and the Lakers intend to re-sign Cousins.  Coincidentally, later yesterday, it was reported from shams that the Houston Rockets had officially waived Cousins. All signs indicate that Cousins ​​is getting closer and closer to the Lakers.  However, the "Los Angeles Times" quickly followed up the report, saying that although there are two vacancies in the Lakers lineup after the layoff of Cook, they will basically not be left to Cousins. The media did not describe the specific reason, but threw another bomb-the Lakers' potential target is Whiteside! I have to say that this goal is much more

What are the blood diseases? For these 4 types of problems, it is recommended to go to the hematology department

Core reminder: In fact, leukemia is only a classification of hematological diseases. Not all hematological diseases are malignant. They must be distinguished to avoid delay in treatment. After Xiaoyun moved to a new house, she developed eczema on her body, with small red patches all over her body, as if she had been bitten by hundreds of mosquitoes. Unbearable, she sent a video call to her sister. Unexpectedly, her sister’s condition was not very good, and her face was covered with a rash because of allergies. "It must be our blood that is poisonous. How many times have I been allergic this year? , Speechless" My sister spit to Xiaoyun. After listening to her sister, Xiaoyun also remembered that he had read the term blood disease on the Internet before, but he didn't know what it was about. Statistics show that in  2017, the total number of visits to blood diseases was 282,000, and in 2018 it reached 384,900  .  [1]  The incidence of blood diseases in China has shown an u

How to appeal the thawing of Amazon funds? How to quickly restore Amazon funds freeze?

How to appeal the thawing of Amazon funds? Each account is frozen for different reasons, so it must be dealt with according to the actual situation.  But if you want to restore your account, some methods are still feasible, and it depends on the reason your account was frozen. Reasons for Amazon funds freezing: 1. Sell prohibited products Amazon outlines all prohibited products in the guidelines, but it is difficult to find an exact list of prohibited products.  Some of the products prohibited by Amazon include: carry-on drugs, illegal products, certain brands of health and beauty products, toys of certain brands, and so on.  If Amazon learns that you sell prohibited products, your account will be frozen. 2. Sell counterfeit products The sale of counterfeit products is a big problem on Amazon. This problem usually occurs in movies, DVDs, electronic products, beauty products and many other categories of products.  Even if the product is shipped directly from the manufacturer, as long as

Full of potential! Romania's online retail is expected to grow by 15%

  Electronic business platform  VTex  (Romania)  in the report estimated that the volume of trade generated by e-commerce will continue to grow,  is expected to  this year's annual growth rate of at least  15% for the  domestic brands  to provide a strong  development  environment.   The rapid development of digitalization in Romania has directly affected the operation of traditional retail industry, which has made the traditional retail industry increasingly turn to online channels.  Cristi Movila, the head of VTEX Eastern Europe, said in an interview with the Romanian "Truth" that at present, there are about 100 online stores in the Romanian local market of VTEX, and more than 1,000 orders are received every day, but in the next 3 years , The number of these online stores will triple.   It is expected that the investment in digitalization, technology and services of established companies in the e-commerce sector will accelerate.  Movila  said that  VTEX is committed to